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Grateful Dead Live at Boston Music Hall on 1973-12-01

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Grateful Dead Live at Boston Music Hall on 1973-12-01

Set 1

The Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
Tennessee Jed
Looks Like Rain
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Big River
Brokedown Palace
Weather Report Suite Prelude ->
Weather Report Suite Part ->
Let It Grow
Casey Jones

Set 2

Around And Around
They Love Each Other
Me And My Uncle
Don't Ease Me In
Me And Bobby McGee
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Playing In The Band ->
Uncle John's Band ->
Playing In The Band
Row Jimmy
Greatest Story Ever Told
Not Fade Away ->
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
One More Saturday Night

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Boston Music Hall
Location Boston, MA

Source Master Soundboard Reels > PCM > DAT> CDR
Transferred by Scott Clugston


by re-assembling the discs, this 4 disc set can fit on 3 discs.
However, the noodling/segue betweeen "Mississippi Half-Step" (d4t01)
and "Playin' in the Band" (d4t02) would either
be lost in a disc change, or, necessitate an overlap of music between
disc 2 and disc 3. This segue has been left in place in this 4 disc set.

there is a 0:01 burst of static at the 4:01 mark of "Big River" (d2t01)

made possible thru the usual group of suspects/mental patients

CD Mastering by Scott Clugston


Reviewer: Farllittscyre - - February 27, 2011
Subject: non-tech. head would love this sbd !
This was my excellent chiropractor's first show ! And i said i'd get him a copy. Can anyone help ??
Thanks ! email me >>
Reviewer: grifftrain2000 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 30, 2010
Subject: good show
This is a really nice show that seems to be overlooked somewhat. Maybe its because it sandwiched right in between two Dicks Pick. I love the way Casey Jones sounded in 73
Reviewer: BIG_R - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 5, 2010
Subject: 12-1-73
This is great like almost every show from Nov. & Dec. '73. Sound quality is very good. I agree that I' love to see this remastered by Charlie Miller. I think the first 3 Tracks are probably the sound check. I wasn't there so I don't know this to be factual.
Reviewer: geraldusa - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 12, 2010
Subject: Cherry Popper
First GD concert....sat 8th row, dead center. Got tickets through some kids father who was in the biz. I know it doesn't stand up to some other night but it still stands as one my all time personal favs.....just because. Cool thing was watching the cops try and get people out of the aisles. At one point, the lead guy gets on stage and starts waving his arms like it's all over. The lights came on, too. But the Dead just kept play like nothing was happening. That's when I knew for sure how different these guys were from every other band. A revelation for me that night that has stood the test of time.
Reviewer: DeadHeadDave90 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 2, 2009
Subject: *Uncle Johns Band intro*
Check out Jer, right there^^, in the boston air.
Reviewer: NYLifer - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 1, 2008
Subject: Great show
Outstanding late fall / early winter 1973 behemoth. Clear, crisp, soundboard. Nothing could be better until CM gets around to redoing it. Clear the Aisles\' part 1 = greatest banter ever! Check out the last few minues of Uncle John's Band for some very healthy Phil, feedback, and space.
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